In which I attempt to get organized!

Inspired by the amazingly organised Godmother, I’m attempting to prepare as best I can for MoP whilst I have some free time. I realise this post itself could be seen as a form of procrastination but I do work better from lists (honest!).


1. Reach lv 75 so I can have a Shivarra.

2. Level Jewelcrafting


1. Finish the Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms

2. Finish the Loremaster of Kalimdor

3. Level Inscriptions

4. Finish levelling Enchanting


1. Collect the last few pets she needs to hit 125. It’s possible that the individual pet achievements will be disappearing come MoP and I’d like to have the Brilliant Kaliri to go with my Arrokoa disguise. I think that the Celestial Dragon is a bit too far out of reach though unless I raid the Blizzard Pet Shop.

  • Horde Balloon
  • Elementium Geode
  • De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion
  • Legs (from Children’s Week)
  • Enchanted Lantern
  • Mechanical Chicken
  • Mr Grubbs
  • Scooter the Snail (from Children’s Week)
  • Singing Sunflower
  • Tranquil Mechanical Yeti
  • Winterspring Cub
  • Panther Cub
  • Curious Wolvar Pup (from Children’s Week)
  • Gold Mini Jouster

These are all options to get me from 117 to 125. I’ll probably go for the Balloon, the Sunflower, the three children’s week pets, the Panther cub and the Winterspring cub, leaving the last one to chance and whatever happens to be on the AH at the time.

2. Finish up the last 10k I need for exalted with the Netherwing.

3. Read “Sunwell – The Fall of Quel’Thalas”, “The Last Guardian” and “The Lich King Triumphant”, the last three books I need for the “Well Read” achievement.

4. Complete Silverpine and the Southern Barrens quest chains from the Horde perspective again.

5. Get an Oracle egg every three days until one of them hatches a mount.


1. Finish up all the Argent Tournament achievements.

2. Get the Darkmoon Bear mount.

3. Level Cooking and Fishing to the cap.


1. Level Archaeology to the cap.

2. Level Cooking and Fishing to the cap.

3. Pick up the Nesingwary Brush Burner wand for future transmogrification fun.

4. Get the last pet that I’m missing from the Darkmoon Faire (the tonk).


This character was created with one aim in mind, reaching a high enough level to save Spot before the bombs start to fall on Theramore.

1. Save Spot! Given that the Theramore guards are guaranteed to not like a Goblin sneaking in and stealing their dog, I’m not 100 percent what level I’ll need to be. I’ll start trying around the 45 mark.

2. Grab a diseased hawk.


1. Finish up all the Fireland Dailies/quest chains

2. Get exalted with the Timbermaw

3. Get the Darkmoon Faire strider mount.


1. Hit a high enough level to tame Chromaggus.

2. Pick up a Brain Bug too. Either the one with the brain showing or this one.

3. Find and tame Zaricotl.

4. Get exalted with the Thorium Brotherhood (10 k rep to go)

5. Level Blacksmithing


I also want to get ready for my Monk who I’ll be levelling along side since Mr Harpy since he wants to be a fotm reroller! Although I must admit levelling my beta monk has been a lot of fun so far.

1. Double check I’ve got all the heirlooms I could possibly need for both dps and healing specs.

2. 4 big bags for my inventory plus a couple of the bank.

3. Decide on professions and get any mats to level them lined up.

4. Decide on race, Panda versus Gnome versus Nightelf.

General non-character specific stuff.

1. Think of names for all my non combat pets. So far on the Beta I’ve named the following which leaves me with quite a few to go.

  • Orange Tabby =  Boris (after an old book of Peter and the Wolf I found. In it the cat was both orange and called Boris).
  • Feline Familiar = Pyewacket
  • Wind Rider Cub = George
  • Sinister Squashling = Ichabod (for obvious reasons).
  • Darkmoon Faire Balloon = Cecy (after Ray Bradbury’s short story “the April Witch”).

That only leaves me with 140 names to come up with between now and MoP.

2. Fill the bank with as much gold as possible.

3. Run Karazhan every reset on as many characters as possible until Attuman gets stick of seeing me and hands over his horse.

4. Make sure every character has the largest bags possible.

That turned out to be a bigger list then I expected. Hopefully this will work out better than my Pre-Cataclysm to do list where I managed to tick off a grand total of three things.

Garbled thoughts on Account-Wide achievements

What Blizzard have said on the subject so far:

We are going to be testing out account wide features with Pet Battles that are coming with the introduction of Mists of Pandaria. If this proves to be successful, then we may even consider doing the same thing with mounts.

From here.


With Mists of Pandaria, account-wide achievements will indeed become available at the account level, and many achievements will be shared among characters. A wide array of achievements will certainly be covered, including achievements that relate to everything from raiding and PvP to maxing out professions and assorted fun challenges.

From here.

While we’re still working out many of the details regarding account-wide achievement functionality, I want to clarify that we plan for the system to apply to all achievements — not just those added in Mists of Pandaria. It’s intended to be an overall change to the current achievement system.Our goal is to make it so that you feel like you only have to get an achievement once. We think the time and effort you put into achievements should be evident regardless of which character you’re playing. The update will be implemented at the level and, as such, would apply to all of the attached World of Warcraft licenses on the account.

From here.

as well as

I want everyone to be a bit cautious about their expectations as of yet. We still have a lot of details to work out in regard to how this will all work. Once we have more specific information to share on it, we’ll let you all know. I don’t want anyone to get too far ahead on things until we can share more and explain any possible “ifs”, “ands”, and “buts” with you all should there be any put in place.

From here.

It sounds as if we’re going to have to change our mindsets when it comes to achievements. Instead of being something you collect on a character by character basis, it could well be account bound by the time MoP comes out.

I have to admit I’m torn on the topic.

On the one hand, my raiding achievements are spread across three characters as I swapped mains during the Burning Crusade to help my guild with our sudden Resto Shaman shortage during the Sunwell period. Having account-wide achievements would certainly help with that. Instead of having to refer a prospective guild to say four different armory profiles to back up your application, one character would show everything you have achieved in-game. It would make switching characters both for personal reasons and for raid balance/to help your guild out far more attractive too. It also makes sense as it’s us, the people behind the keyboard who complete the achievements and having then account-wide would reflect that. I (the player) put in the time and effort to get the Hand of A’dal achievement, to farm rank 12, to kill Yogg-Saron and all the other bits and pieces I’ve done over the years, so why shouldn’t all my characters show what I’ve done. As it currently stands, the character I’m currently playing the most was created in September 2011 and has achieved very little. Anyone looking at her in a vacuum  has no idea that I’ve played for almost seven years or that I’ve killed X on hardmode or Y when it was current content. So, yes, I would benefit from these prospective changes.

However (and you knew the but was coming didn’t you), I’m surprised at this comment in particular.

Our goal is to make it so that you feel like you only have to get an achievement once. We think the time and effort you put into achievements should be evident regardless of which character you’re playing.”

Doesn’t that shrink the game some what. Think of all the repeatable content which suddenly becomes irrelevant. You complete the Explorer once and you never have to do it again. Done Loremaster, great, now you don’t need to visit Stonetalon Mountains on another character ever again. What about titles/pets and mounts from achievements? Take farming Anzu for example, it’s not crucial and yes it can be annoying when it doesn’t drop on the 100th run but that still doesn’t mean it should be on all your characters just because you did it once. However, having the achievement without the reward (in the shape of titles/mounts/pets/tabards) surely flies in the face of “only have to get an achievement once” because without the reward, people will still want to get the achievement on more than one character. So that suggests that a lot of the rewards have to become account-wide too otherwise it’s a pointless exercise. I think this is the bit that bugs me the most. It would seem wrong to me in a game which is fundamentally about levelling and becoming stronger as you do so, that whenever you make a character, you receive a sackful of goodies, titles and achievements in the mail.

I realise the answer to the shrinking content is simple, just add more and making achievements account-wide does give Blizzard plenty of scope for that. Instead of getting 250 000 hks for example, add an achievement for for 500 000 and then 1 million across your account and so on. I also wonder how professions would work, does this mean that I never would have to level archaeology on another character ever again or that we might be seeing super awesome rewards for levelling it on multiple characters (please please please be the former!).

I also get that one account sharing all it’s pets is probably crucial to the success of the pet battle system. I mean if I put hours of work into levelling Pyewacket the Feline Familiar or Serenity the Firefly on one character, I wouldn’t want to waste time levelling that same pet with the same abilities on another character. However, I have to admit, I’m not too keen on it. What happens to the pets you have multiple times across your account? Take the little white kitten for example, I have several across my account and each one has a different story behind it. Some my husband’s alts purchased for particular characters as gifts, others I bought myself, racing other players to Lil Timmy and one I grabbed off the AH. Will those seven or eight little kittens just become one? If so, why waste time farming multiple pets of the same type on different characters. Take this years Lunar Festival, imagine farming multiple lanterns or spending massive amounts of gold to get one for each character and then discovering a few weeks down the line, hey, we’re making pets account bound, you only needed one… Yes, it means that my Hyacinth  Macaw might finally get some action but I still find myself a little unhappy at the idea.

I suppose what I envisioned when account-wide achievements first came up, seems completely different to what Blizzard envisioned. I imagined we’d get an extra tab on your achievement page, that would fit in between your “personal”, i.e. character achievements and the guild ones. An account wide list of everything you the player has achieved over your years of playing WoW, that regardless of which character you’re currently logged on, you can link or people can look at. By the sound of it, however, if things go according to plan, we might just have one achievement page which shows everything your characters have done. I thought at most, the Feats of Strength might be shared across your account but not much more. Take logging in on the game’s Xth anniversary, which character/s you did it on probably isn’t that important in the scale of things. However, on closer inspection of my Feats of Strength I have mixed feelings about even them. Should all my characters be “wielders of Val’anyr” or have access to my classic PvP ranks. I hit rank 12 once and rank 8 on another three characters which is enough to allow me to transmogrify the classic PvP sets on four characters. Being able to use them on all my characters would be awesome but then I don’t believe the restriction should exist in the first place. I’d rather Blizzard just did away with that restrictive rule rather than gave all my characters access to things which they didn’t earn. I know that sounds silly because “I” earned them and it shouldn’t matter which character I’m playing but to me at least it does.

Then there is the stalking potential and no I’m not paranoid. I’m actually one of those strange people who posts on Blizzard’s forums with their main character not a lv 10 or under. Anyone I’m arguing with is welcome to call me a scrub or worse (oddly enough people seem to end up apologising/playing nice, I’m clearly doing the whole PvP forum thing totally wrong). Your achievements across your account will end up like a unique fingerprint, especially when we take dates and Feats of Strength into account. I’m sure it wouldn’t take long for some enterprising person to come up with a website and a program for parsing armory data and linking all characters with that  unique fingerprint together. Suddenly hiding on the forums would get a lot harder, as would server transferring/renaming. I know that’s not necessarily a bad thing but some people do get hounded unfairly and this would make checking up/stalking people a lot simpler.

Yes, none of this is written in stone. It’s just idle speculation on my part based on a few comments made by people with their names in pretty blue text. Regardless though of what the achievement system does end up looking like in MoP, I suspect a sea change is on the way. Achievements look as if they are becoming a record of how we the players spend our time in Azeroth as opposed to how we spend our time playing each individual character on our account.

The next few months are going to be interesting.

A panicky realisation

A couple of recent blue posts have thrown my sense of timing completely, leaving me slightly panicked. I thought that we would have until Cataclysm ships to farm any and all of the bits and pieces from the current world but it seems as if I was wrong.

Then there was the bombshell that Zul’Gurub is vanishing as a raid instance. Now I realise that Valnoth didn’t mention the rare drops,

Zul’Gurub is gone as a raid instance come Cataclysm.

and that doesn’t mean that it’s not going to be a 5 man or be reused in some sort of fashion. However as someone who has been farming those two mounts since the instance was introduced and never ever seen them drop, I’m now officially frightened. Luckily I managed to grab my Polymorph: Turtle off the auction house for 81g a few days before they announced that Zul’Gurub was disappearing. The price has now sky-rocketed.

So in the next month or so, I want to try and complete ZG every reset so I can have the best chance possible at getting at least the raptor mount and the little red dino hatchling.

A red sky in the morning...

Finish up my Hydraxian Waterlord Rep on my Priest. Three more Molten Core runs should do it.

Level my Shaman to 80, that way I’ve got all four healing classes sitting at the level cap ready for Cataclysm.

Get my Undead Priest to 80, or at least beyond Dragonblight so I can see the Wrathgate chain from the Horde perspective before they remove that.

In a sense I’m a little bit sad by all the things going missing with Cataclysm. I always thought an Expansion should build on what was already there, not remove things completely (class abilities etc apart).

I’d love it if they used the Caverns of Time a bit more, so that you could see the world as it currently is even in the midst of the Cataclysm. For example, I’d like to be able to journey into the past to visit the Azshara I see now, with it’s long beaches and ruined temples once the Goblins have wrecked havoc upon it, even if it was NPC free. I know that they are introducing lots of new, shiny and cool stuff, but on the odd day when nostalgia hits, it would still be good to see the old world again.


Finally, I’ve done it. I tracked down those last few remaining quests today and was rewarded with perhaps the ugliest tabard ever.

The extra icing on the cake was picking up a leaping hatchling in passing. He’s adorable.

I was surprised at just how many quests the Alliance can do in the Barrens but my main tip to anyone struggling to find quests for either continent would be to pick up your dungeon set bracers, i.e. if you’re a priest like me, the devout ones and tackle the quest chain to upgrade it. It’s amazing fun and sends you all over the place looking at things which might cease to exist very soon.

Screenshot Saturday – An Exercise in Frustration

I logged this morning thinking I’d do a couple of Isle of Conquests. Given that the “random” battleground queue favours Strand of the Ancients over all others, I love the battleground weekends as they provide an opportunity to do something different. So there I am in the queue, no time available on the last 10 players and I wait. I wait a bit more and then a bit more. Nothing so I decide to ride down and finish exploring the last few bits of Westfall my Druid is missing. Explore Westfall pings, still no eta on an Isle of Conquest.

Off I go to Redridge, one of my favourite zones.

The sky always looks so vivid above those orange cliffs. I feel the Orcs are missing a trick here, that bridge would be awesome for a spot of bungee jumping. Instead of fighting people all day long they could make a fortune as a tourist attraction.

Definitely vacation spot worthy, little hidden pools with waterfalls to shower under and clear water to bathe in. Although I’m drawn to all zones with lots of water in them. By the time I had finished exploring Redridge and taken the time to jump off the bridge and swim in all the lakes… still no Isle of Conquest.

Into the Burning Steppes I go. Collect some thorium, explore the zone fully, kill a rarespawn and up into Blackrock Mountain. By this point I remember my Druid still hasn’t handed in her attunement to the core quest, so I take a quick dive into the lava (it really isn’t as hot as I remember it being) and get my handful of silver. Sprinting up the chain, it’s out in the Searing Gorge.

Once that is fully explored, off into the Badlands I go.

Pay the creepy dead guy in the crypt a visit. Wonder if the two sidekicks were servants or just passers-by who made the fatal mistake of trying to steal his sword. I love how Blizzard put stuff like this in-game, it serves or at least seems to serve no real purpose but it’s great to discover, especially by chance.

Badlands explored, still no Isle of Conquest. By the time I cross into Loch Modan, I’m starting to get distinctly grumpy. Ride around the lake, find yet more rarespawns and wonder why Loch Modan is called a loch yet all the lakes in the Dwarf start zone are called lakes. If they were sticking with the Scottish theme, shouldn’t they all be lochs? Wondering if it’s due to size and wishing I had paid more attention in geography, I leap from the dam.

Just underneath is one of my favourite picnic spots. It’s quiet, perhaps not surprisingly because not that many people actually seem to leap off the dam (I have to admit, I wouldn’t recommend it without either slowfall, levitate or engineering). Climbing down the rest of the way, still waiting for my Isle of Conquest, I explored the Wetlands in a leisurely fashion. Making sure I took the time to get a good look at Grim Batol and picking up a baby dragon hatchling on route.

Squawk and Awe in action

Having satisfied myself that I had completely and fully explored the Wetlands and by now rather fed up, I crossed into Arathi Highlands. Where, obviously picking up on my mood, the heavens opened. Then just when I was about to log in disgust, an enter Isle of Conquest dialogue box promptly appeared. The game lasted all of eight minutes and was a series of disasters from start to finish, but at least  I got a game, right?

I came, I saw, I explored!

I am an Explorer! Finally. Ok, it’s taken a while but now Erinys has another new and shiny title which she won’t use.

I have a bit of an allergy to titles. The whole concept seems a little odd to me, plus they make it harder to hide behind stuff in PvP. Then there is the stereotyping I’ve seen attached to certain ones. For example in my Battle-group at least both Jenkins and The Patient seem to come with negative connotations.  If you turn up in a dungeon or battleground displaying either, at least one person will try to make something of it. Whilst I wouldn’t use either (can’t imagine a Night Elf being called Jenkins and I’m most certainly not patient), I don’t like something as frivolous (in the sense that it’s intended to be fun) as a title being used to bully people.

On top of that, the majority of titles really don’t mix with the personalities I think my characters  have. When I close my eyes, I imagine my Night Elf priest to be some what lacking in the sense of humour department. I can’t help but think she’s cold, austere and terribly sensible, not the sort of person to be running around with The Love Fool displayed over her head (bet she wouldn’t approve of bright pink ink either). In fact she probably thinks that wearing that one in public  is a smiting offence. Now if there was a Priestess of Elune perhaps, but the current options leave her cold.

I would really like to see the implementation of class related stuff. The Benediction chain was amazing as was the Druid swift flight form quest, why can’t we have more stuff like that, ending possibly with a class and race related title amongst other things. These chains could be like the modern Quel’delar one, where everything is either soloable or done in 5 mans to make it accessible to all.

On the other hand, my shaman still uses her Hand of A’dal, probably because she’s a Draenei and my Undead priest wears her General with pride (I farmed the vast majority of it through PuGs and I still get numb thinking about it). All my other characters, despite having access to at least one title each display nothing. Having said that, if Nest manages to do all the Winter’s Veil stuff this year, she may become the Merrymaker. I think it may go with her sprout hairstyle, plus the gnomish giggle.

So which titles do your characters and why? If like me you don’t partake, what titles if any could be added to make you change your mind?

Why did I do the explorer if not for the title? A couple of reasons really, the first being I can’t stand a list with everything bar one last little trivial item ticked off and the second, well Azeroth baring a few little blips like the Searing Gorge is a beautiful place. We should all explore it at least once.

As I lay dreaming of a Mountain O’Mounts

A couple of things occurred to me. First of all, Lady RNG hates me and secondly why exactly am I attempting to get a dragonhawk on my Priest when she only rides two mounts even though she already has seventy plus. Apart from “Spike” the Ironbound Protodrake and her ethereal swift moonsaber, none of her other mounts ever gets taken for a ride.

I fell in love with the beautiful blue butterfly the day I first walked into the Sunwell on the test realm. My heart broke when I discovered hunters couldn’t tame them. The day Blizzard announced they were making one the reward for having 100 mounts I knew I had to farm one.

Number 72

So I need to find another 27 mounts from somewhere. Having read and re-read Birdfall’s awesome guide to 100 mounts solo, I’ve come up with these as possible contenders for my missing ones.

  1. Sea Turtle –  need to start fishing again.
  2. Quel’dorai Steed – something inappropriate about Erinys riding a unicorn… However I’m so far off in terms of seals it may never be a problem. Need to break out the jousting again, eek. (100 seals).
  3. Stormwind Steed – more jousting (100 seals).
  4. Deathcharger’s reins – The Baron and I are intimately acquainted but as of yet, no mount. I think I blew all my RNG mount luck when I got the Polar bear from the first daily I did for those lovely blue ladies in the Storm Peaks.
  5. Winterspring Frost Saber – I’ve been farming this since the summer of 05, so I really don’t rate my chances on this particular front.
  6. Swift Zulian Tiger –  see all other RNG related mounts and weep. I have two and a half characters exalted with the Zandalar trolls and I’ve never seen either of the mounts drop.
  7. Darnassian NightSaber – Yet more jousting (100 seals).
  8. Exodar Elekk – (100 seals).
  9. The Raven Lord – Between us, my boyfriend and I have three druids on our server which can summon Anzu but so far he just keeps giving me a rubbishy gun.
  10. Swift White Hawkstrider – Kael hates me. At least we’ve discovered if you pull him whilst one or more of the trash pack in his room is still alive you don’t have to listen to his pre-attack speech. Unfortunately there seems to be no way of skipping his overacted death scene. “The Master will have you! You will drown in your own blood! The world shall burn! Aaaghh!” – Although he may be right about that last bit.
  11. Gnomeregan Mechanostrider – the only thing which looks stupider than a female nightelf on one of these is a male nightelf, oh and male draenei but then they don’t look great on anything.
  12. Azure Nether Drake – I never bothered farming the Netherdrakes before because I wasn’t taken by the way they looked, that whole jelly look. Haribo could make a “Netherdrake” line to sit besides their “Starmix” bags.
  13. Cobalt Nether Drake
  14. Onyx Nether Drake
  15. Purple Nether Drake
  16. Veridian Nether Drake
  17. Violet Nether Drake
  18. The Frozen Flying Carpet
  19. Violet Prot0-Drake – I’m two holidays away from this.
  20. ZG Raptor – see ZG Tiger
  21. Wyrmrest red dragon – I’m already exalted, I just haven’t picked up the mount yet. I’m waiting until I’m a bit closer to my total.
  22. Culling of Stratholme Dragon – Yes, I know. I keep thinking I must be the only person not to have this mount but every time I run Strat, I lose the roll..
  23. Motorcycle – I’m waiting until my Druid can make this which should hopefully be fairly soon.
  24. The heroic badge one – I’m currently a bit low on badges having bought pretty much all the heirloom gear for various alts, but I’m working on building my total back up.
  25. The expensive one from the Sons of Hodir – I’m exalted and have the gold so can pick this one up whenever. Will probably wait until I’m a little closer with the rest though.

The final ones will probably come from doing a spot more jousting/Tournament related dailys.  If my maths is correct, there are 10 potential mounts that I can still grab through jousting, only 4 of which actually made the list so I have plenty of leeway should Lady Luck continue to hate on me. Although I’m also killing Attumen every week in the vague hope that he’ll drop a fiery warhorse. Having three character’s exalted with the Violet Eye and never having see one though, I can’t say I’m particularly optimistic though. However I want it done before Cataclysm ships and makes it easier.

Basically all it comes down to is time, time and lots and lots of jousting.

One of great things to come out of this mount farming however is I’ve discovered just how much fun the Netherwing dailies actually are. The Booterang quest is amazing, I wish we could throw them at players. Someone is slacking in a raid, a booterang to the face will wake them up. Then there is the races to become “Top Orc”, I wish they were repeatable quests because I had such fun doing them. Skyshatter provided a challenge and when I vanquished him, I felt a real sense of accomplishment. On the downside, I still haven’t learnt to love jousting. It’s not that I can’t do it, it just annoys me on some level I can’t quite understand. Vehicle stuff doesn’t normally bother me half as much as the jousting does, for example I like fighting on the back of dragons and even Flame Leviathan but jousting leaves me cold.

Dark Iron Pillow fight

So there we were, semi bored of leveling. Level 49 with no where to go. Every zone we tried just had silver exclamation marks teasing us. Finally, tired of being turned away, we had to face facts. Whether we wanted to or not we were going to have to quest in the Searing Gorge. Even on the flight south, we could taste the dust in our mouths and with each beat of the wing which took us closer to Thorium Point our hearts sank lower.

Then running around picking up the quests we noticed something different. A female dwarf offering a quest! Something new in this depressing dump. You start out by stealing pillows, lots of pillows (which luckily spawn really fast) which of course the Dark Iron Dwarves take exception to.

The pillows are the white pillowlike objects perched on the really cute little dwarfen bunk beds.

Best cast bar description

Whilst you are stealing a bunch of sleepy dwarves will spawn, these can be ignored or aoed down. A few minutes later, another group will appear.  Then finally, the Chambermaid appears in all her glory. If the area is fairly empty of other questers you could go off and do the other quests in the Slag Pit because both the dwarf groups and the Chambermaid announce their presence with yells which can be heard even deep at the other side of the Pit.

She's got a lovely turn of phrase all things considered

Now one of the things we had been complaining about recently was the ease of questing. As two druids one could go bear and tank whilst the other just hurricaned as many mobs as we could gather. Our main issue was finding enough enemies to kill at once. So imagine our surprise when we were confronted by an elite 20k health female dwarf, eyes glowing madly. It’s a fairly easy fight for two people in heirlooms, but she has an annoying knock back so watch where you put your back. Once she’s down, a massive pillow will appear. Loot it and get a quest which sends you back to Thorium Point carrying a giant pillow and rewards a slow fall trinket with a 30 minute cooldown (useful for most classes in one way or another). The reward would be even better if it spawned a giant pillow for you to fall into, but alas it doesn’t.

Both quests count for the Loremaster achievement so if you did the Searing Gorge whilst levelling and now are looking for quests you missed in the Eastern Kingdoms.. there is a dwarf or two waiting for a pillow fight.

Not with a bang but a whimper.

On Thursday we achieved a Tribute to Insanity, something which as a guild I never thought we were capable of (too many people fond of trying to tank the Faction Champions). By Friday morning it seems as if the guild is pretty much on the way out. Already the rats are leaping from the sinking ship in search of greener pastures and Icecrown seems impossible. Why you might ask… a simple forum post in which our GM stated that she wants to play a bit less. I suppose its one way of finding out which people are interested in a community and which are just after shiny purples.

Obviously things are not yet written in stone, but the prognosis doesn’t seem particularly good. Which leaves me in a strange mood, on the one hand I’m angry because my raiding has been brought to an abrupt halt and I had no control over it. Yes, I could look for another guild but finding one which wants both a priest and a warrior would be tricky if not impossible. Then there is the fact that over Christmas we have family commitments to keep and then in January we are moving house meaning that trialling for a new guild even if we could sweet talk our way into one as a package would be hard. Then on the other side of the coin is a sense of relief. If the guild had continued its fairly hardcore raiding, we would have been letting people down when January arrived and we had to disappear whilst we moved (our raiding roster was fairly tight and my boyfriend is/was the maintank). Not to mention the fact that I find the game less and less enthralling these days.

On a slightly more interesting note, here is a video of our heroic Anub’arak kill.

We use 2 tanks (both warriors), one on the boss and one tanking all the adds in an unhittable block set. 6 healers, basically 1 per mark plus one full time on the tanks (in the video two of them are holy paladins who have the tanks beaconed as well). As a disc priest I got the exciting job of taking one mark plus keeping shields on the rogues to make sure they stay alive as our strategy relied fairly heavily on tricks.

But it seems to borrow (and paraphrase)  T.S Eliot’s words,

This is the way the guild ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.

At least we got to end on a high I suppose.


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