Next to priests, my 2nd favourite thing ingame is minipets. So when a guildmate mentioned the fact that the fishing daily was [Crocolisks in the City], i went rushing off to Terrokar to collect the quest. Now unfortunately for me, out of the 4 70s than i currently play only 2 have a decent fishing skill and by decent i mean over 100, (Fishing isnt my idea of fun, but when there is mini pets involved…. ) so i completed on the quest on my paladin (nothing but junk), shaman (eye of the sea) and then was at a bit of a loss. Do you need a decent level of fishing to complete the fishing quest?
So i logged my druid (34 fishing skill) and went off to try my luck. Luckily the quest was available, unfortunately no baby croc for my little kitten. That left me with my priestie, my favourite toon, but my only character with no fishing skill whatsoever. Off to Stormwind i ran, quickly learnt fishing, got to 4 skill, hearthstoned to Shattrah, collected the quest, returned to SW and crossed my fingers as i fished. Didnt take many casts to get my Baby Crocolisk quest item and so i returned to Old Man Barlo. The fates smiled on me, or something to that effect and now to the envy of my guildmates im the owner of a cute little Muckbreath with a massive 10 out of 375 fishing skill. For once, random loot being random was a good thing.

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