Rabbits, rogues and more rabbitity rogues

Maybe its just me, but rogues seem to be multiplying like the proverbial rabbits these days. Every battleground seems to have at least 5 of the little devils sneaking around stabbing people in the back or hemoing their faces skillfully. Luckily the majority dont seem to have taken
out of their spell book, let alone keybound it, but i still dont like them, especially the undead variety. I guess that harks back to the days of being a little pve priest (whilst my Robes of the Guardian Saint and Benediction looked great, they acted as a rogue magnet), also having less than 4k health probably didnt help either.

Although now my health has more than doubled, i still harbour a faint mistrust of all things roguesque, so some kind of cull would be nice. Maybe Blizzard could offer a reward for rogue hunting, something like bring 10 rogue heads to a NPC in Shattrah and receive a welfare epic in return. We could have a new set called “Rougestalker”, red of course for killing large quantities of the sneaky little creatures and maybe a shiney new title. Mariposa the Rogue Slaughter has a much better ring to it than “of the Shattered Sun” or “Champion of Naaru”.

Failing that, renaming the class to Rouge might help lower the numbers, or would at least make all the “Rougemaster”, “Rougedk” etc sound smarter.


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