A little bit more about my characters, pt 1

My ingame personality changes slightly depending on the character im currently playing so here is a brief introduction to them. In no particular order I currently play: Mariposa.

My precious priest, level 70, currently disc holy specced for pvp although shes holy at heart. My first ever character on a PvP server. She was my raiding toon pre-tbc, slaughtering Old Gods, dragons disguised as humans and fire elementals. Her bank holds the majority of my mini-pet collection as well as all my old raid gear.

Favourite Pet: Muckbreath. I love his cute eyes and the way he runs. Shame pets cant shadowmeld though as hes a bit of a give away in pvp.

Most prized item: My Benediction. I got the Eye of Divinity off our first MajorDomo kill and then spent the next 5 hours in Winterspring farming the Eye of Shadow. Our guild hadnt killed Kazzak at that point, so my hopes rested solely on that one drop. So there we were 3 holy priests, (2 of my closest friends ingame who now sadly have quit playing) and my boyfriend on his resto druid. Then just as we were about to give up, there it was, lying in the corpse of a Hederine slayer. Whilst it seems a bit sad now, i think that was one of the happiest moments of my life, certainly of my wowlife.

She is probably the sweetest of my characters. A true healer in that sense, always helpful, sometimes too helpful as she tends to end up being the agony aunt of the guild, listening to people pour out their problems both ingame and personal.


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