Much to my surprize, my priestie got an arena title this week.

So 10 games played on her in season 3 got me Challenger. The team played a grand total of 29 games last season, i played the other 19 on my shaman who naturally also got the title. Which according to Arena Junkies put us in the top 30 percent of our battlegroup. Now, i find that a little scary, if we were in the top 30 percent, that means the other 70 percent, 7000 active 2 v 2 teams give or take sit below 1650.

Which leads me on to titles in general. Having given the matter some thought whilst I really feel that Blizzard needs to tighten its title rules otherwise they are pointless. The only Arena ones should be Gladiator, handing a title out for 10 games in a whole season is just ridiculous.

Hand of A’dal should only be available to people who were able to complete the attunements before they were removed and the same is true of the Champion of Naaru.

Most people want something that distinguishes them from the crowd and when everyone has the same titles it makes them useless. You dont stand out, which surely was the whole point behind them being introduced in the first place.

All in all, across my characters which have a wide variety of titles available to them, the only one i like to wear is my little undead priest’s General tag because that is the only one i really had to put effort into getting in the first place. I completed the attunements which lead to the PvE titles before they were introduced, killing those bosses for progress so i kind of got the titles as default. As ive already covered, the arena one took me 2 weeks of less than one hour in total so hardly counts. Rank 12 on the other hand took weeks and hours and hours of “farming” at the farm.

Then we have the “Of the Shattered Sun”. Now in all the discussions of this ive seen recently, the most common argument defending it was “but its only fake money, it doesnt matter”. But unless you buy gold, in which case WoW money equals RL money, ingame gold equals your time. Time you could be spending earning real life money so in the end it works out the same. Nothing in life is free and that includes titles in WoW it seems.

What titles do you wear with pride and why? Also more importantly, what kind of titles do you want Blizzard to introduce ingame?


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