The Explorer’s League

I was reading over my post on the Fire Festival and it got me thinking. Ive been complaining about all the abandoned zones and my guild have been complaining about nothing to do… So now the “Where in the World is Amaryllis and her Alts” competition was born.

The rules are simple, I post a screenshot of one of my characters somewhere in the World of Warcraft and the first person to post a screenshot of themselves in the same location wins a prize.

So far its going down well. But now Ive actually come to looking for weird and wonderful locations that will keep them guessing, its got hard. Most zones have easily recognisable textures, meaning that even if they dont know exactly where something is, they have a fairly narrow ballpark in which to search. Even some of what i thought were harder ones have taken them a mere matter of hours, not the weeks i was hoping for.

However, its serving its purpose, my guildmates have something to do and im having great fun trying to come up with sneaky locations that will at least take a day or two to solve.


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