Horde v Alliance

One thing I love about WoW is the environment and during questing on my little orc I’ve been looking around. The horde zones seem so much more full of life than their alliance counterparts.
Edit: Come to think of it, alive isnt the correct word. Full of personality is perhaps more accurate. Maybe its because I’ve always loved the gothic, the hint of something not quite nice lurking in the shadows, but Undercity is my spiritual home in WoW. I love exploring it, listening to the npcs plot, plan and gossip.

It makes Ironforge, Stormwind and Darnassus seem dead in comparison. Where are the npcs interacting with each other on the alliance side? Where are the plots, the fragments of conversions about murky goings on overheard in passing. Instead all we get is children talking about fishing and dismembering dollies.

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