The Rise of the Horde

So its summer, we are hardly raiding and this expansion is slowly drawing to end. To give something new to work on, we decided to roll a couple of horde toons to help pass the time.

The gnome decided on a warrior and to complement that, I picked a shaman.

However once the classes were decided, over dinner then the headache for me began. What race to pick.

I love the looks of tauren females, so cuddly and cute, but their racials offer little to shamans, either for pvp or pve. Ok, warstomp + heal can work, but we have other ways of keeping distance, instance ghostwolf, earthbind and frostshock for example. 10 Nature res isnt really enough to make it a vital component either.

Trolls are fun. Ive made a troll priest, troll mage and troll hunter before. But again, the only thing they bring as a shaman is beserking. Obviously haste is a good thing, for all 3 specs but its cooldown makes it a bit lacklustre.

Which brings me to Orcs. Axe specialisation should I go enhancement, expertise is always a good thing. Bloodfury, a mini trinket which suits all 3 specs and of course stun resist. Now even when im raiding most of the time, I like a bit of pvp and the thing I hate most of all in pvp is… not being in control of my character. 15 percent stun resist, especially when combined with base resists and the meta gem makes Orc the only choice really for a shaman in my opinion.

So we are currently level 20, 2 green, bald Orc females running around having fun.


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