New Pets in WotLK

I have to admit being excited about the forthcoming expansion, searching for tibits of information all over the place. I keep telling myself its because i want to be able to make the best possible informed choices about spec/professions/leveling etc once it goes live.

But the sad truth is… its like christmas presents, I much prefer peaking inside when its forbidden to actually opening it on Christmas day. The speculation is far more fun, than actually getting your hands on it.

However, my little hunter is postively gleeful. Im very much a dog person but in the current game all my hunter’s have cats simply because they are far better choices for all aspects of the game, but with the changes to pets (new talent trees etc) it looks like worgs will again be viable pets.

Plus to pile on more excitement they are adding new worg models. All that remains now is to level a hunter to 70 in preparation.

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