The Adventures of the Orclings

Last night we hit Razorfen Kraul to see if we could complete Tamung’s warrior quest. Both lv 28 so we were a little nervous but as it turned out, our only issue was our inability to read quest text correctly. I was under the mistaken impression that Overlord Ramtusk was our target (pure coincidence that he drops the Corpsemaker… honestly). So after slaughtering him and getting my precious corpsemaker we had a look at Wowhead to discover our real target. All in all, it took us around an hour, would have been less had we known where we were going, got me a nice blue axe, around half a level of experience and of course the warrior chest we went in for.

Its not just anti-socialness, but I have to admit I do like soloing or rather two manning stuff. Its far more fun and challenging than doing it with a full 5 man party. It also gives flexiablitity, if we get too tired or grumpy we arent letting anyone else down.


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