Stormwind Harbour

Now since I have a fondness for Night elfs Ive made that run of peril from Menethil to Ironforge so many times. In fact its probably the biggest killer of my low level toons, that and the Defias Pillagers so I received the news that come the expansion boats will go from Auberdine to Stormwind with a mixture of glee and sadness. Glee that no more will my low level toons have to gamble with their lives running from crocs, dino and spiders and sadness that the “rite of passage” will no longer exist. Add to the fact that they have already nerfed Defias Pillager’s into the ground and where is the danger now? Hopefully Northrend will have some new evils lurking in the shadows, deadly like hogger and sneaky as a felreaver.

Here is my little Mage watching the construction with interest. She has heard all about the mysterious world beyond Elwynn and cant wait for the harbour to be finished so she can safely visit it all.

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