Ever since he hit lv 30, Tamung has been eyeing his Whirlwind Axe quest a bit like a puppy eyeing the biscuit tin. The other night we hit STV and collected all the Bloodscalp tusks (if you can see a troll has 2 tusks whilst alive, why oh why dont they all have 2 on their corpses..) and tonight we braved Arathi Highlands for charms. Now, we were lvs 33 (me, because I slack) and 34 (him) respectively and the mobs we needed are lvs 38 and 39. Actually it went a lot easier than I expected, in part I think due to windfury and the fact that I can heal.

That brought us to the hard part. How to kill a lv 40 elite when you struggle to hit lv 38 normal mobs. Obviously the easy thing would have been to ask one of the various 70s running around to help out, but that would have been too easy. Potted up with nature resist, totems down we summoned him. In the end, it was fairly touch and go, he hits hard and his knockback makes trying to tank him when you are 6 levels lower “interesting”, but with around a 100 health to spare we killed him first time.

Tamung is a happy little Orc, running around with his shiny new toy. Shame plus 2 weapon damage doesnt have a glow, oh well, I really need to level enchanting.

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