Vanity Pets

This is the first time Ive managed to get a toon to lv 36 without a pet. For some reason I just couldnt decide what suited my little Orcling the best. Im really not a Snake person so they were out (none of my characters have snakes, although I guess when the expansion comes out, Ill pick them up simply for collections sake). The Dragonhawk hatchlings seemed to exotic for her simple tastes. My Mage has one, but shes loud and its bright plumage suits her robes and her personality. The prairie dog is too small, plus it might get lost in Orgrimmar’s bustle or Tamung could mistake it for a critter and use it for weaponskilling. As for the cockroach, well, after the Bahamas, Im just not fond of them, virtual or not.

Then it came to me, why not get a Parrot. So here we are, exploring the jungle in the rainy season together.

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