Guide to Leveling on a PvP server

Whilst leveling my little orcling Ive been considering the whole leveling process and how being pvp flagged effects it. This little guide is just for people rolling brand new alts on servers they dont already have any high levels on.

1. Get mining and skinning. Regardless of the profession you want at the level cap. Obviously it will vary from server to server but on the two ive leveled alts on recently 20 copper goes for 2/3g and iron can be as much as 15g. With these two its easy to make money fast.

2. Using the money you make from mining/skinning, always make sure you have the highest level of health/mana pots you can you.

3. Look out on the AH for upgrades all the time. Thats why having gathering professions pays off. Its hard to make money with crafting professions as you level and its even harder to keep them up to date. For example without large quantities of gold, you cant afford to buy higher level cloth/herbs etc and you cant killing the mobs that drop/protect them.

4. Learn first aid and keep it up to date.

5. Download an addon like Witchhunt. Being aware of your surroundings is crucial to successful and stressfree leveling on pvp servers. This is especially true if you enjoy being the aggressor yourself. Running at a mage three levels lower than yourself is one thing. Running at said Mage and then discovering he is questing with 2 higher level friends is another entirely. Observe your prey first. Make sure they are alone before rushing in.

6. If you are a hunter or a warlock, dont have your pet on aggressive. Its a sure fire way to die in neutral towns plus its awfully embaressing.

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