Ive been working on my little list over the last few days and I think Im actually making headway.

The Orcling is lv 51 and counting, we managed to break through the Badlands into lusher and more interesting zones which really speeded up the leveling. The screenshot is the only good screenshot of the Badlands, me leaving it.

Got the Rune of the Guard Captain. A task made slightly harder than it should of been by the fact I was 5 levels lower than the mobs and Tamung was using a brand new weapon and so couldnt hit them. I wish the Alliance had a version of this trinket.

Hit Alterac Valley for the first time earlier today. It turns out that in the 51-60 bracket in Cyclone is really biased in favor of the Horde. Got 500 honor in 10 minutes along with 25k experience for completing a few of the quests. I also got to upgrade my main hand by getting the mace from the kill Vanndar quest. Its just a shame the queue times are horrible, but since the alliance get slaughtered 15 to 40, I suppose we can hardly blame them.

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