PvP brings out the worst in all of us

If you must make macros like this to be used at the start of Battlegrounds, make sure its all spelt correctly. Blizzard are highly unlikely to use “u” instead of “you”. Seen quite a few of these recently, all with really bad grammar/spelling, the worrying thing is each time its spammed into chat, at least one person leaves the battleground. Coincidence perhaps. Hopefully.

On a slightly related note, got ganked by 3 separate 70s in the Searing Gorge today. Guess what they all had in common?
Yep, all rated below 1550. So do high rated players not gank lowbies? Am I just meeting scrubs taking out their frustation on greys? Maybe I should make a “LF high rated lowbie gankers” forum thread to see if anyone holds their hand up and says “Yes, im a Gladitator and I gank low levels with pride”.

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