Going for Gold

Once upon a time in my miss spent youth I had a computer game called “Going for Gold” in which you could compete in various running events with the ultimate aim of reaching the Olympics. It was a very frustating game, so when I discovered that Blizzard had added an Olympic tribute ingame, I was a little nervous. Luckily all Blizzard wanted us to do is pvp, I mean thats easy right. I do that all the time. So fueled with all the stories of people who got their pet after their first game, I queued up all excited. Several hours later I was both frustated (alliance in Nightfall are dubious at the best of times and even when we did win, no medal in the mail) and grumpy. I even dragged the gnome out of bed so I had someone capable of killing stuff to heal.

Then just when I was going to give up for the night, it was late and I had run out of nets (thats another story), there it was, glistening in my mail box.

Here I am in my Competitor’s tabard with my brand new shiny pet. He even claps his hands together to show his approval.

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