First thoughts on WotLK

Have to say Im pretty much blown away by the scenary. Its far better in my opinion than the Burning Crusade. Ok, Ill admit to being biased, fjords, penguins and crystal forests are far more my thing than demon pigs, scorched earth and red orcs, but so far, Im loving it.

My must sees would be as follows:

  1. Take the boat from Menethil to Howling Fjord, regardless of where you intend questing.
  2. Make a DeathKnight and do the starter quests, even if you never level any further.
  3. Look at and or kill the Clockwork gnomes, so much cuter than the real thing.
  4. Run around SW harbour and take the flight if you are alliance.

All in all, Im happy to be testing it, obviously Ill be happier when my Priest gets rescued from her current location, stuck between Stormwind and the Borean Tundra, but thats hopefully a minor inconvience.


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