Tick Tock

So I was doing my early morning forum browsing and I spot this:

With the release of Wrath of the Lich King approaching, we wanted to provide you with some important information. In preparation for the expansion, we will be issuing a new content patch in the coming weeks. Much like the patch made available shortly before The Burning Crusade’s release, this content patch is designed to bridge current game content with that of the expansion and will contain some exciting changes and additions. We have outlined some of the larger features scheduled to release with the patch below:

New class spells and talents. Ok good as long as they fix them all first. Its going to be interesting trying out new things in pvp situations as well as getting to play with the characters I couldnt copy to the Beta. Although I would hate to be trying to kill KJ or get Gladiator rank with all the new talents/spells throwing the balance yet again.
Barbershops in capital cities. Great, Ive really come to dislike my nelves hair. Both my priest and druid have the same long straight hair which seems really unpractical, especially for the druid, what with all the shapeshifting.
Zeppelin towers outside of Orgrimmar and Tirisfal Glades. Not too exciting
Stormwind Harbour. Yay, its my new favourite place to hang out so doing on live when talking to guildmates etc will be great.
In-game guild calendar. Good, our guild are currently trying to make us use GEM which i hate.
Hunter pet skill revamp. Cool, not too excited about that, primarily because I slack at leveling hunters. Mine is just too low level to get anything fancy.
New profession: Inscription. Now the dilemma, do I drop any of my 70s professions for this and if so which one. We currently dont know huge amounts about inscriptions which makes it hard to decide. For example, you can make scrolls, which arent BoP, a teleport thingie which works like astral recall returning you to your Hearthstone location on a 15 minute cooldown which is BoP and of course glyphs. On the whole though im fairly excited about this and will at least farm a lot of low level herbs even if i just sell them when the patch goes live.
Two brand-new Arenas featuring challenging new layouts, terrain hazards, and moving obstacles:
Orgrimmar Arena.
Dalaran Arena. I always get the ruins of lordereon so im not too bothered about this. But on the whole more content means more choice which is a good thing.

Over all, as Im currently neither a hardcore PvPer or PvEr, im pretty happy with all of it.

As mentioned above, this is not a comprehensive list, just some of the major highlights. We’ll post the full patch notes as soon as they’re available. Regarding Inscription, please note that all Burning Crusade players will be able to select Inscription as one of their two professions and level up to a skill level of 375 with it. Upon the release of Wrath of the Lich King, players who purchase and install the expansion will be able to continue leveling in Inscription and the other professions beyond 375.

then I panicked. I really thought we had more time….

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