Tamung the TNAK

In a bid for a change of pace we decided to try 2 manning Hellfire Ramparts this morning. I really wasnt sure how far a lv 64 enhancement shaman and a lv 64 prot warrior would make it, but we surpassed my expectations. The trash went smoothly as did the first boss, although he failed to drop anything useful (cloth spell damage shoulders which went into my healing/spell damage set).
We bravely fought on to the 2nd boss and thats when disaster struck. Our battlegroup fell over… so we will have to go back another day, but all in all, it went pretty well.

In other Orc related news, we have completely finished Zangamarsh, half done Terrokar and started doing Nagrand. I also got ganked twice, once in Nagrand by a horrible little dwarf rogue who we could have killed whilst he was afk destealthed and once in Terrokar by a 70 hunter, also a dwarf, who if he hadnt potted or run through a pile of mobs i would have killed. If if if, but it certainly seems that dwarves hate orcs… i feel victimised.

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