Overachievers and me

Spent this afternoon leveling fishing and cooking on Mariposa. Im now at 242 cooking and 225 fishing (need to complete the quest). I also managed to pick up 11 honourable kills, it turns out that STV is not a relaxing spot for doing a spot of fishing. 

So why am I, at this stage of the game leveling fishing and cooking on a character ive been playing for 3 years? Achievements, a system that Blizzard are implementing with this upcoming expansion. Basically you get points for a variety of things, collecting minipets, tabards, having professions maxed out and so on. 
But the main reason for the sudden interest in fishing is the simple fact that the expansion will bring the number of mini pets only obtainable through dipping a rod into the water to 6, 4 baby crocs, 1 crawdad and 1 gnome sized rat. I need a gnome sized rat, it will make my priest complete. Thus i need to be able to fish in Dalaran, so im working away on making sure ill be ready as soon as i can access the city.

Hocus Pocus

My first ever character on my own account was a little human warlock on a pve server. I played her for a few months and then we moved along with some friends to a pvp server, so she got abandoned. Abandoned until now in fact. The ability to move from pve to pvp became too tempting, so im now leveling her to 70 taking advantage of the fact that soloing is fun when no one can ganking you, with the intention of transfering once she hits the level cap.

The Pluses of this are
  1. Shes a human, diplomacy is good, especially when like me you hate rep farming
  2. lv 60 already
  3. Has PvP rank, ok Knight Captain is nothing wonderful, but considering I only played her for a few weeks with the ranked pvp system
  4. She is a herbalist and alchemist, which will allow me to drop alchemy on her and take up inscriptions
The negatives
  1. Human and a particularly bovine one at that. Not sure what i was thinking when i made her. At least i can change her luridly golden hair to something less neon when the next patch comes out.
  2. I leveled a gnome to lv 31, so im guessing the little gnomeling will become my new bank alt
  3. Having to pay to transfer her, I resent giving Blizzard any more than i need to.
  4. She doesnt have the epic riding skill

Beer of the Month Club

Mariposa has obviously been away from her homelands far too long. In rare moment of drunkeness, she allowed some gnome (at least she thinks it was a gnome, might have been a small devil though) to talk her into joining the Beer of the Month Club.

This is a newly implemented for Brewfest 2008 and the first sample makes you talk in Gnomish Binary… brings my inner computergeek to the fore.

Raise a glass

Its brewfest time again.

Whilst this is far from my favourite festival, I love the ram racing and am trying to improve on my personal best of 11 runs in one go at the moment. I think 13 at least is possible, particularly on the alliance side which seems much easier than the horde one, due I think to the placement of the apple barrels.

Shiver my timbers

Its talk like a Pirate Day.

Sleeping Beauty awakens

When I first read that Blizzard were making transfers from PvE servers to PvP servers available, I was a tad annoyed. After all the Gnomeling had just leveled another warrior precisely because they had been adamant that they would never offer that service.

Then I thought about it and primarily about my other priest, little Dornröschen (which translates as Little Briarrose, the name given to Sleeping Beauty in the Grimm Brothers’ version of the fairystory, a name that seemed so fitting for an undead) who was for all intents and purposes abandoned on a dead PvE server.

So fastforward a few days, and lo and behold, Dorn and the gnomeling’s orginal warrior (Tabasco) are now safely rehoused on the same PvP server that our two Orclings call home.

Goodbye to Priest Racials

Blizzard have finally given up on trying to balance the priest racials and are removing them. Im in two minds about this really.

In an upcoming build all Priest racials have been retired, except the following:
– Desperate Prayer – This is now the 11-point talent in Holy, Holy Nova is now a base ability. Cooldown also reduced to 30 seconds.
– Devouring Plague – Now a base ability. Cooldown reduced to 30 seconds, mana cost greatly reduced.
– Symbol of Hope – Now a base ability. Now restores 5% base mana every 2 seconds for 8 seconds to your party. Renamed “Hymn of Hope.”

While this change does reduce the “uniqueness” of different Priests, we feel game balance as a whole will benefit. Note: These new “racials” are not racials, they are trainable to all Priests.

Its scary that the developers feel we need desparate prayer on a 30 second cooldown however, especially if they arent scaling its healing down.

I liked the variety between priests, even if my own toons didnt always have the best ones.

However Blizzard did take 3 decent racials to apply equally.

  1. An extra form of dps is always good, that form of dps fitting in with your major magic schools and healing you into the bargain is not to be sneezed at.
  2. Holy Nova is a bit too gimicky to be a talent, especially since downranking has been removed, so making it baseline is a buff, especially since its been replaced with something useful.
  3. Self heals on short cooldowns that dont need mana are a wonderful thing, up there with whiskers on kittens and raindrops on roses.
  4. Hymn of Hope is another reason to take a priest to a raid, abeit a weak one. Plus an extra method of regen is always welcome especially given the potion nerf and the removal of downranking.

All in all, I think its positive, but ill miss the Starshard graphics, huge arcane arrows following your target around was pure win.

No more shadowmeld & drinking

My precious precious shadowmeld nerfed….

Harvest Festival

Even though its day two of the festival it seems that honouring the ancestors has gone out of fashion, at least for the Alliance. When I made the journey to Uther’s tomb, only one other candle burnt against the gloom.

A quick ride to Ashenvale on my undead priest proved that the Horde suffer from the same malise. Either that or Grom is arising every night to collect his spirits before returning to his grave.



Meet the Chief Lyloid, note the cute big eyes and the calming teal coloured fur. How innocent he looks, no sign of chomping, ripping fangs, no blood smearing that unruffled skin, see the arms outstretched for a huggle. But beware my friends, beware, when your back is turned, the teeth extend, the claws come out and the pack as one pounces.