Hocus Pocus

My first ever character on my own account was a little human warlock on a pve server. I played her for a few months and then we moved along with some friends to a pvp server, so she got abandoned. Abandoned until now in fact. The ability to move from pve to pvp became too tempting, so im now leveling her to 70 taking advantage of the fact that soloing is fun when no one can ganking you, with the intention of transfering once she hits the level cap.

The Pluses of this are
  1. Shes a human, diplomacy is good, especially when like me you hate rep farming
  2. lv 60 already
  3. Has PvP rank, ok Knight Captain is nothing wonderful, but considering I only played her for a few weeks with the ranked pvp system
  4. She is a herbalist and alchemist, which will allow me to drop alchemy on her and take up inscriptions
The negatives
  1. Human and a particularly bovine one at that. Not sure what i was thinking when i made her. At least i can change her luridly golden hair to something less neon when the next patch comes out.
  2. I leveled a gnome to lv 31, so im guessing the little gnomeling will become my new bank alt
  3. Having to pay to transfer her, I resent giving Blizzard any more than i need to.
  4. She doesnt have the epic riding skill

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