Patch Day Disasters

Eek, what a fun day its been. The EU servers have been up and down like yoyos. Then the battle groups got all muddled up, a Spanish server cluster added into nightfall, the Russian one mixed in with vindication and so on. The language issues added a whole new set of challenges to PvP.

On top of that, Mariposa got stuck somewhere off the coast of Southshore falling indefinitely and dcing every few minutes. Hearth stoning on Patch Day is dangerous business it seems.
On the Plus side I’m loving
  1. The ability to track low level quests. I cant believe how many I haven’t done on Mariposa (haven’t had time to check the others yet).
  2. Stormwind Harbour. No I don’t know where I got my harbour fetish from either.
  3. The Dreanei hit aura is now both visible, and works for both melee and spell hit.
  4. Glyphs. Currently shadow and using the power word shield and the dispel magic one. Combined they add some nice extra healing without having to drop shadow form.
  5. I have bag space, lots of it. Pets, mounts, pvp tokens and badges of justice all neatly filed away.
  6. Achievements. Although its a little frustrating that I seem to have explored the whole known world, just not on any one toon. However its given me plenty to do between now and the expansion actually hitting.
The downside
  1. Obviously being stuck is a little frustrating, as is the fact that the server stability seemsnonexistent.
  2. Burst damage is depressing, especially on the part of the melee classes
  3. Addons not working. Although Ive taken the opportunity to downsize.
All in all, I’m happy with most of the changes. Ok, I’m not hugely excited with the new priest “racials” that arent racials anymore, hymn of hope seems particularly lacklustre especially whilst soloing. However most of it turned out better than expected (although my precious priest is still stuck in neverneverland).
In between all the chaos, I managed to find the time to get a haircut. Mariposa decided to chop off  her unpractical long hair in preparation for the upcoming journey to Northrend. Its going to be tough and dangerous, thus low maintenance hair makes perfect sense.

I also got Lylia (the gnomeling’s warrior) to lv 34 and her whirlwind axe. Should have been higher than 34, but the server’s are down again, nerfing paladins if the rumours and the tears are to be believed.

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