As the Dust settles

So its day 2:

  1. Ret Paladins have already been nerfed
  2. We are still sharing battlegroup space with a Spanish Battlegroup
  3. Around 95 percent of the post patch threads on the PvP forums are complaining about either shared battlegrounds with no common language or ret paladins. The other 5 percent are keyloggers
  4. I managed to rescue my priest, no thanks to Blizzard. My ticket was answered with an email telling me to delete my WTF folder
  5. The gnomeling is now lv 38, almost 39 (but he bailed on me to watch the Grand Prix practise)
  6. I specced my paladin prot and had fun tanking the Sunken Temple (have to start somewhere)
  7. Did some battlegrounds on my resto shaman. They went much better than I expected. Wasnt two shot by anyone and managed to keep the gnome alive against an arms warrior. Got some of the pvp achievements, including the one for 300,000 damage or healing in a single game.
  8. Did MH on the shaman, again it went much better than I was expecting. Loved the flowerpower feel of raiding with shamans and druids. Wild Growth has a wonderful animation, which when combined with the flowers from my weapon enchant gave the raid a real garden feel. Didnt feel particularly stressed in the mana department, saw lots of big numbers flying around the screen.
Heading into the expansion feeling fairly happy and confident at the moment. 
Edit: On the subject of Dust, we were questing in Dustwallow earlier and I couldnt help wondering, what kind of Mage would “choose” to live here.

Although the sunrises seem to be beautiful, I think I would rather be living in Dalaran.


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