The end of an era

The expansion comes ever closer and I admit to a certain degree of apprehension intermingled with the excitement. I actually thought I had lost all my all old screenshots as ive deleted and reinstalled Wow a few too many times, but lurking deep within a random folder I discovered a mix of stuff from 2006. 

Above is my little priestie exploring the Troll Village between Darkshore and Moonglade. It took me a while and a fair bit of wallclimbing before I managed to get there, but from the first time I saw it, it fascinated me and I had to get there somehow so it was well worth the effort. Note the interesting mismatched gear, we never ever got tier 2 drops.
Below is a screenshot of my old guild just before our first Cthun kill on the 20th of July 2006, we practised like crazy before portaling SW, handing in Nef and Onyxia’s heads and then heading Stranglethorn for Hakkar’s head, then hearthstoned back. Naturally we wiped on the first try losing all the buffs, but killed him later in the evening and then nailed Ouro the same night.

The gnomeling is the hunter on the left hand side (no idea what he’s wearing or why he’s wearing it since hunter tier 2 dropped all the time and he definately has the full set in the bank) and im the glittery priest in the centre. That was the only guild Ive ever been in where 90 percent of the priests were all nelfs. If we needed fearward for anything we tended to have turn to the alts.

To the left is a rare shot of my little druid. Note the twiggy shoulders, that was taken in Aszhara just after her first MC run. For the first time I managed to sneak my alt into a guild speed run and picked up 5 pieces of tier 1. 
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