Ive become increasingly frustated by the overaggressive nature being shown by 90 percent of the server. Its like just because season 4 is over and pve is nerfed to the point of pointlessness, every sad little loser is out looking for people to grief. Now Ive no problem with world pvp or 70 versus 70, but Ive never been able to understand the mentality of people who hang around killing lowbies and then run for the hills like cowards the second some decent competition shows up.

I took my hunter to STV this afternoon to pick up a gorilla and within seconds of arriving, a lv 37 hunter was taking potshots at Lylia (lv 70 prot warrior). After collecting my new pet, I was heading back to the rebel camp when we were ambushed by 2 70s and a pack of low levels. Of course we didnt stand a chance (since my hunter is only lv 33), so whilst Lylia created a diversion I made my escape and fetched my priest. Now obviously this warlock and hunter wanted world pvp, why else would they be hanging around in STV? Oh wait. So we kill them a couple of times and off they run, in separate directions naturally because its rare that gankers ever stick together when things get tough.
Then there is Booty Bay, we have bank alts (both lv 33) parked there for easy access to the neutral auction house and the number of times that people randomly attack…. The guards need to be lv 80 already.
Its like the new talents and lack of focus have created this rage mentality in everyone. Must prove how great I am by ganking people on low health, afk, with multiple mobs on them or just chasing low levels around. Whilst leveling Lylia, only one ret paladin on the opposing side didnt attack, everyone else has been throwing themselves at him. I realise its happening on both sides, but its driving me mad. Im very objective focused, I log with a plan whether that plan is to level an alt, do an instance, some pvp or whatever and it drives me mad when I have to deviate from that plan to corpse camping some scrub who thinks griefing lowbies is a good way to spend the evening.
Its the fact that these people dont want pvp, they dont want to fight people of the same level, gear or quantity. If they did they would be happy for 2 v 2 or they would be in a battleground. They are just trying to upset and annoy people, obviously its working because Im angry right now, but its been every day for 3 weeks now. 
Take the guy who killed us when I was tanking the ring of blood for Lylia’s weapon. It was late at night so we were 2 manning it on the last boss when this ret paladin attacks. We got him low even though we had the elite on us, but he had bubble so with help from the hardhitting mob he killed us. But then he came back questing as if nothing had happened, right next to us. Naturally we killed him 2 or 3 times and then he doesnt res for ages. We wait, kill him again and this time when he resses he bubbles and hearthstones. Its like these people dont understand actions have consequences, that killing people with mobs on them or people doing escort quests is going to make them dislike you. That you cant just waste their time, get them a repair bill and then expect to do whatever you want right next to them. As you might have guessed Im really looking forward to leveling to 80.

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