Weaken the Ramparts

Feeling over confident due to our success 2 manning normal instances we hit Heroic Ramparts last night. I know its not much, but the Lyloid has 6 days played full stop and isnt exactly well geared so we really werent sure if we would manage even the first trash pack. All in all it went far better than we expected with our very first 2 manned heroic badge under our belts. Yes, thats right we nailed the first boss all by ourselves. His anti healing debuff almost did for us thought since my greater heal was doing 700 before I noticed how big the stack was, but thanks to shadowmeld we managed to muddle through. Basically the Lyloid shadowmelded, the boss came onto me and i ran around a bit shielding myself. As soon as the debuff ran out, Lylia bandaged up and got aggro back and we killed him. Im so glad I resisted all those people who tried to make me reroll dwarf priest back in 2005/2006. In fact i cant express how much i love the new shadowmeld.

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