To WoW or not to WoW

I havent been enjoying WoW that much recently, hence the lack of posts. In fact I havent logged at all for the last two weeks. Its weird, I can’t quite put my finger on whats causing my lack of enthusiasm, its just a vague feeling of gloom and doom everytime I log on. 

Part of the issue is the my lack of purpose. I don’t want to raid hardcore, but Im also not that interested in revisiting Naxx even casually. I dislike arenas, a dislike made worse by issues such as class balance (nerf mutilate rogues), pillar hugging and resilience and Im not sure I have the kind of personality that is happy with logging and doing the odd quest, daily or battleground with no real purpose.
On the other hand, its the only game I can play with my boyfriend and the only game Ive discovered so far that doesnt give me motion sickness within minutes of starting to play.
On a slightly less whiney note:
What kind of idiot puts all their gold next to the front door?


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