Trees, Christmas and otherwise

I can’t help feeling that the Winter Veil decorations committee this year was staffed by a bunch of wizards who just popped down from their Purple Parlour long enough to go “Hmm Winter Veil, that means trees with shiny lights”, promptly conjured up 1000 of them, plonked them down randomly and levitated back upstairs for another glass of mulled wine.

In other news, I R MELEE Priest. 400 unarmed skill. Those druidic trees under Dalaran make the perfect weaponskilling pets, a short trip from the city and since there are virtually no quests associated with Crystalsong Forest its lovely and peaceful. Since Lylia was leveling his
weaponskills and someone had to heal him I thought I would take advantage and skill mine up a bit. Finally found a good use for Lightwell, its great for semi afk warriors to click on whilst beating up innocent little trees.

Also since the Gnomeling is now working on a high stamina set we thought we would pay a little visit to Heroic Magister’s Terrace, see if we could grab the Commendation of Kael’thas and fingers crossed the mount or phoenix. It turned out far easier than we expected, and Santa was obviously still paying attention as Lylia got his trinket and I got the pet. Not bad for 30 minutes whipping through an instance.

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