Happy New Year

With the new year creeping stealthly up on us, (I had this really scary book as a child in which Old Father Time could have passed as an undead), its time to make some resolutions. Now usually I manage to ignore or break all mine by breakfast on around the 4th of jan. This year however will be different (yes I say that every year too), but it really will, I promise. 
So in the short-term I want to:
  1. Hit exalted with the gnomes. I always wanted a mechostrider and with the next patch it seems my dreams will finally come true. All in all I expect this to take a couple of hours as I still have all the start zone/Dun Morogh/Loch Modan quests untouched on my Priest.
  2. Hit revered with the Oracles. Must start trying to hatch mini-pets as soon as possible. (3 days of doing all the dailies)
  3. Hit exalted with the Tuskars. I need that fishing rod and well a pet penguin wouldn’t go amiss either. (5 days of doing all the dailies)
  4. Finish all the quests in the Storm Peaks. We are apart half way there at the moment, so a good days questing should clear that no problem.
  5. Finish all the quests in Grizzly Hills.
  6. Make my epic flying carpet, even though im unlikely to ever ride it anywhere. The surfing motion makes me feel seasick. Can’t help wondering what the pillow/cushion thingie is held on with though and why can’t i take passengers, there is plenty of room on the rug and its not like tailoring gives anything else worthwhile. A gnome panicking and peering over the edge as it clings on for dear life would be cute.
Mid-term aims (mostly for the next patch)
  1. Exalted with Sporeggar, but Im going to wait until rep gives the same amount regardless of what level you are. That way repeatedly farming heroic Underbog should also produce enough Cenarion Expedition rep to tip Mariposa over into exalted and a hippogriph.
  2. Exalted with the Timbermaw
Long-term aims
  1. 100 000 hks. I recently hit 50 000 with the death of an annoying arcane mage in EotS so imagine this one will really be a long haul. Its annoying that achievements like this one arent account wide as I definately have killed over 100 000 players, just on different toons. Which brings to the really weird part, the other night I thought I would play around on an alt for a bit whilst Lylia finished some work but I just couldn’t get into it. For the first time ever, I don’t want to mess around doing stuff on other toons, I just want to make my little priest perfect. I feel distinctly odd.
In general I want to work my way through all the achievements. Planning on waiting for the next patch for doing most of the Outlands heroics though as since I hardly played my priest as anything but a pvp toy in the last expansion I’m missing most of those and most of the reps as well.
Earlier this evening we thought we would end the Old Year with a bang so we went and slaughered something from our past. Poor Onyxia looked so happy to see us, lying lonely in her lair, it seemed almost cruel to kill her, but 200g is a lot of money and she has well epics, even if they are outdated ones. (Will put in some screenshots when I sober up).
So on that note, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone.

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