This week in brief

1. We did our first 25 man on Tuesday night, cleared the spider wing without any wipes. Maenxxa is an angel compared to what she used to be like at 60, poor Lylia always ends up kiting at Anub’Rekhan, vanilla WoW his hunter always had to do it and now he ends up tanking her. Think he must be sick of hearing “”Yes, run! It makes the blood pump faster!”.
I got a shiney new cloak around 1 hour after I spent 100 gold enchanting the last one. Still not sure about the darkglow enchant thingie, but healing cloak enchants are somewhat lacking in excitement factor. (Edit: tested over the course of an Obsidian run, it gave exactly the same amount of mana as my meta gem, so between both of them I got 16k mana – ok that includes trash but since the meta gives double the mana, the cloak enchant must proc twice as often).
2. I hate the sons of Hodir. If it wasnt for an ice mammoth, I would be so tempted to take inscriptions just so I can skip out on their horrible horrible dailies.
3. The Maiden of Grief is a griefer, manaburning b***h. However with some perservence, sneakiness and thumping your keyboard extra hard she is two mannable on heroic. Still hate her though. No wonder shes all alone in a back room in the Halls of Stone, no one wants to play with such a meanie.
4. Dalaran is too small for all the people running around in it, one of these days one of the mages will sneeze and down will come dalaran, cradle and all. 
5. I wish my Oracle egg would hatch faster, maybe if I make the gnome sit on it…
6. We are now up to 6 heroic bosses defeatable as priest/warrior combo. 3 in the Nexus, 1 in the Occulus and 2 in the Halls of Stone but think we are running out ones that don’t test dps too much to be possible. That said we are getting faster and faster at killing the ones we can kill. Our first kill of Ormorok the Tree-Shaper was around 7 minutes, now we are down to 5 minutes.
7. 25 mans are easier than their respective 10 man versions. Anyone else feel thats a bit odd?
8. Obsidian Sanctum with all dragons dead is welfare loot. It actually makes all the effort I went through to get my season 1 on an alt look painful. That said, really enjoyed getting back into raiding. Its been a breeze really, relaxed and fun without a single drama filled second… I can only hope it continues that way.

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