Elder Mariposa

Mariposa finally got around to collecting all the coins of ancestry this morning and whilst I don’t feel that Elder Mariposa has much of a ring to it, it got me thinking. Where would Elder Mariposa want to spend the Lunar Festival, afterall everyone knows location is key.

Definately somewhere quiet with water and flowers nearby. My first thought was one of the oasises in the Barrens. Beautiful, peaceful and relaxing, either that or at the top of the Twin Pillars in Feralas. Visiting the ancestors should require a bit of effort on the part of the visitee, mountain climbing or wading into lakes at the very least. A physical journey as well as a spiritual one if you will.
Elder Lylia on the other hand wants the opposite of peace and quiet. His perfect location would be in the original incarnation of Alterac Valley, riding Korrak’s shoulders into battle. In order to collect his coin you would have sacrifice yourself on the field to prove yourself worthy. If you afked before the battle was done his vengeful spirit would follow you for the remainder of your time playing WoW jinxing your RNG and destroying your epics.
The addition of some angry ancestors would certainly liven up the festival, perhaps Omen should be untethered from the Moonglade as well. A few ghosts running around smiting everyone from their beams of moonlight plus a giant demon dog running around eating people would add a whole new side to the proceedings. It would also make leveling alts at this time of year as much fun as doing it during the zombiefest… but all in all, a small price to pay in my opinion.
So where in the world would your Elder park themselves and their portable mailbox?

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