A whole new World

The first thing I did this morning was skim MMO-Champion for more PTR updates. I then spent the next 20 minutes laughing.

I’m so glad my paladin is nothing more than a gemcutting bot only escaping Dalaran for the jc daily. I can’t help wondering if like me the tier designer went to see Aladdin during this winter’s pantomine season, its the only explanation I can think of for Ulduar bringing us bellydancing paladins.
Ok, the ladies of the harem, err priests set isnt that much better. Black might be a great colour for our shadowy brethren but its a bit harsh for my tastes. Have to say I love the druid one though, especially the shoulders and helm. Seems a bit unfair though, those ugly druids get a pretty crescent moon balanced on their foreheads and we get a facemask… or a muzzle.
I have given junk food (i.e. chocolate) up for lent so reading patch notes and giggling everytime I see a paladin will be my main source of pleasure for the next 40 days.

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