Project M.I.T.T.S

In the months since WotLK went live, I’ve only really been spending time on my priest. None of the 70 alts have even made it to 71 which is most unlike me. However in recent weeks I’ve been looking for something new ingame.

Thus project M.I.T.T.S was born. Partly because I was struggling so much to get interested in leveling my shaman/druid or paladin I wanted to try something new. I was sure I didn’t want anything with a healing tree or a caster dps and rogues are skanky so that left deathknights or warriors. Currently you can’t move in Dalaran without falling over a deathknight and I hate the dirty ashtray look of their aoe so that left warrior.
Now I know Night elves are the best alliance choice especially for tanking since the last racial reshuffle, followed by dwarves but when I closed my eyes and invisioned my little warrior, it wasnt a tall nelf or chunky little dwarf I saw, but a purple skinned, tail wielding alien creature. The plan is to level as prot, primarily to minimise downtime and so I can make fools of any melee dps wishing to pick a fight.
On a side note, the name has more to do with my inability to hang on to two mittens without a piece of string being attached than any exciting acronym.

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