Home is where the heart is?

I was rereading a post on player housing the other day and it got me thinking. None of my characters are really city people, big towns and lots of people are great for day trips and shopping but not so good for hanging out in peace and quiet. So where would they like to hang their hats?
Well Mitts found the perfect place whilst out questing the other day.

Moored in Theramore harbour, there stands an empty ship. Flowering herbs grow in windowboxes, a bookshelf to hold the few (mostly unread) books she possesses and plenty of cupboard space for all that heavy armor.
There is plenty of living space with extra chairs and tables, plus hammocks for any drunken overnight guests. The decks provide sunbathing space as well as room for a spot of fishing plus if the surroundings become too boring, there is always the option of uping anchor and sailing off into the sunset. Wonder what the penality for stealing a ship is in Azeroth?

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