The Mitts Report

Mitts hit her 50th season today and picked up 2 new mini pets in the process (sprite darter hatching and robo chicken). I’m actually surprised at how much I’m enjoying leveling her. Compared to the Gnomeling’s evil enhancement shaman the difference between damage taken per mob is huge even though the difference in damage is minor.

The vanilla wow content is so empty though, its rather sad, this is the first time ever that questing in STV we haven’t seen a soul, horde or alliance. Apart from that Shaman encounter I mentioned earlier, we haven’t even been ganked at all. A quick check of /who 10/50 proves there are plenty of people leveling, but the majority it seems are alts being powerleveled through instances and so Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms are empty of all adventurers. In fact we have seen more lv 80’s running around doing their explorer/loremaster/seeker achievements than we have seen people of similar level. If we were leveling solo or had just bought the game, I think we would have found it rather depressing.

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