101 things to see and do

Take the flight around Stormwind Harbour.


No, it doesn’t serve any real purpose. Its total fluff and thats what makes it so awesome.  Mr Ironwing and his team of rather bored birds will take you out for a spin completely free of charge, you get a closer look at the lighthouse, to fly over the shipbuilders all working hard and to see all the little details from the air.


Considering it only takes a few minutes, its definately well the worth the effort  next time you are passing Stormwind. Obviously its marginally more tricky for  the Horde, but since its free, all you have to do is run a lv 1 human to the  harbour.

I admit to being a little biased however, as I already find the harbour one of the prettiest places to hang out and relax in. In fact, if there was ever to be playerhousing introduced, I think I would happily be saving up for a waterfront property overlooking the docks. With your morning Honeymint tea you could sit on the cobbles just outside the front door watching all the hustle and bustle. New convicts arriving, under armed guard. Brave little adventurers setting sail for dangerous new lands and young Nightelves arriving for the first time in Stormwind.

Link to the first post in the series.

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