Clara and the Ambusher

The forest of Elwynn seems so idyllic, lush pastures untouched by the ravishes of war. Both people and wildlife wander freely, still going about their daily businesses, fruit is still farmed, horses still shod. However if the passerby, hurrying perhaps to Stormwind or the amber meadows of Westfall were stop for a second and have a closer look would they perchance see something sinister lurking underneath the canopy of green.

Every day Clara Charles wanders down to the well to draw fresh spring water and every day, something waits, stealthed, a blade drawn for her.  Which naturally raises the question, what could this innocent if not slightly vacant looking blonde have done to deserve this? She doesn’t fight or scream, merely succumbs to her fate as if its to be expected. Does that mean a guilty conscience lurks behind that placid facade? Did she once work as an SI.7 assasin, inflitating and slaughtering Defias by the hundred, that would perhaps explain why this Ambusher seems so set on drawing blood. Perhaps his motive is more personal, a lover scorned or left jilted at the altar. Could it be as simple as a quarrel over water rights? Possibly but the well is unguarded, the Defias could easily steal as much as they wanted when its untended.

I suppose we will never know for sure, but this little pantomine plays itself out daily, the hunter and the hunted meeting down by the well. Personally I like to think that once upon a time, in happier days two young lovers used to meet down by the well, sitting by the benches and talking whilst sharing a glass of sparkling spring water. Now, sworn enemies they re-enact their courtship with entirely different aims in mind. Where once their lips would kiss, now a knife, so gently and so quietly caresses her where once his hands did roam.

Today, at least however, the play came to a slightly different end. Clara was rescued by the Stormwind Chapter of the Azerothian Society of the Preventation of Cruelty to Slightly Vapid Human Females.


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