Semi Afk musings

Random thoughts are random.

  • Glyph of Hymn of Hope — Your Hymn of Hope lasts an additional 2 sec. (Old – Your Hymn of Hope provides 3 times the normal amount of mana per time, but its duration is 50% shorter.) –  So rather than making a glyph improve an ability, lets figure out the one thing that people hate about it, in this case the fact that you are standing around doing nothing for 8 seconds and design a glyph that makes it worse.
  • The sea turtle mount. It looks way too cartoony and I can’t really see the point of it other than posing at the flightpoint in Dalaran. You can’t fish from its back and why would anyone with access to an epic flying mount  wish to swim at 133 percent when they could fly over the waves at 280 percent. Now a small fishing boat that you could fish from and sail around from pool to pool would be awesome. Naturally it would have to be a multi passenger mount, 2 would be ideal but I would settle for 1. Mounted towards the rear it should have some kind of keg attached, so you and your passengers could always grab a cold drink and perhaps a fish basket, where you could place stacks of fish to save on bag space til you made it back to port.
  • The Immortal mark 2 or the Ulduar version. I can’t help but think its a bit dumbed down. Doing it on a boss by boss basis makes it so much easier than having to survive a whole reset and yes, it will lessen drama and frustation when on the last boss someone manages to suicide in a completely stupid fashion but I liked the challenge of trying to do perfect runs.
  • Priest T8 Healer 4P Bonus (Class: Priest) — Casting Power Word: Shield also grants you 250 spell power for 5 sec.   –  Yes its an improvement on the datamined 15, but not by much in my book. As a holy priest, my four piece is basically a really expensive spell power trinket that only lasts 5 seconds… its pretty hard to get excited about that. Yes on fights with lots of AoE damage incoming predictably you could go for shielding yourself and then casting a PoH with extra ummph and of course 10 percent more crit from the 2 piece so it will have its place, just a situational one. But when I compare it to both the resto druid and resto shaman, both of which enhance class defining abilities (hots in the case of the former and chain heal for the latter) I feel a bit underwhelmed, as neither the druid or shaman set bonuses are at all situational. Plus, the druid one is gorgeous looking with lots of tiny little detail.
  • The arena sets on the other hand are all hideous
  • Leveling casters at low level is unbelievably painful. 3 dots and a shadowbolt and thats half my little warlock’s mana gone. Luckily I have my little semi afk renew bot trustily by my side. Shame I keep running him into walls and getting him stuck on random fences though.
  • Voidwalkers make really bad tanks at low levels. Wanding can out aggro him on single target mobs, imagine what packs are like. I spend more time tab targeting and organising him than I do actually dpsing.
  • Why is there 2 quests for Horde warlocks to get their succubus, one starting in Ogrimmar and sending you around the Barrens and Stonetalon, the other starting in Undercity and requiring slightly more trekking than the former, a trip to Arathi and to Silverpine. Yet gnomes and humans have to make their way to the Barrens, always a fun place to hang out as a lv 20 alliance on a PvP server.
  • Westfall has really amazing skies at night, they seem so velvety. Just like being in the Canadian prairies, obviously without the evil harvest mechanicals.


  • General Chat is amazing. How can so many people spend so much time debating nothing. For the last two days the same group of people have been fighting over whether multiboxing is legal or not, with all kinds of wonderfully random arguments supplemented by attacks on each others parentage, gender and sexual preference.
  • All flasks recipes will now create 2 flasks for the same amount of ingredients but now last 1 hour instead of 2. – Have to say I hate this change. I’m an alchemist so I loved popping a 4 hour flask on and just forgetting about it. Now I know I will have to refresh my flask at least once during a raid, probably more on progress stuff which personally I find annoying.

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