A demon speaks – Gaklop’s take on the Friday Five

Todays attempt at the Friday Five is brought to you by Gaklop

The Imp uncurled itself from the bed and waved a “paw” in the general direction of the chair.

The Mistress is “indisposed” right now.. too much to drink last night, but I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

What color are your Mistress’s eyes?

A reddish shade of amber. If she’s being a hundred percent honest, she would admit that with each passing season, they become less amber and more like mine. However, being honest to anyone isn’t something which occurs to Madam that often, and being honest to yourself, well that sounds like a fools game even to me. I read somewhere that pets and their owners often become alike, so it can’t be that bad can it?

The demon looked up slightly hopefully.

Er what is your Mistress’s skin like? Does she have freckles, tattoos, or other noticeable markings?

A tattoo on her right shoulder, its tiny bunch of flowers that represents her family. She had it done whilst drunkenly sentimental. I think its pretty but if you try and tell her that, she throws things and swears. Whilst sober she pretends it isnt there. The only other distinguishing marks she carries are a series of horizonal scars on her lower back, the unfortunate conclusion of an early run in with authority in general and the SW guard in particular. She doesn’t like talking about that either, I think shes embaressed that someone whipped her, doesn’t really go with her selfpromoting image as an evil warlock. Either that or it was for something really lame like stealing flowers rather than summoning a doomguard in the orphanage which is what she claims it was for.

The Imp considered the matter for a moment before glancing back up.

Am i doing ok?

Absolutely fine. How does your Mistress smile?

She doesn’t. Glare yes, frown yes, but smile no. Smiling is for happy people, not those who consort with demons, thats what she says. Although I’ve seen her smile sometimes usually when there is fire involved, but if she catches you looking she looks stern straight away.

All the time, his gaze darted around the room, paying particular attention to the door of the ajoining room.

How does your Mistress carry herself when walking around? What is her posture like?

Arrogant in public, after all, warlocks have something to prove right. In private though, her shoulders slump back a little and her haughty air dispates. If you promise not to tell..

the demon leaned in, whispering

I think she pretends to be arrogant, I mean shes not that bad for a warlock. I’ve heard all kind of horror stories, demons being sacrificed regularly, turned into shields and used for all sorts of depraved pleasures. I don’t want to go into details, its enough to make a Imp blush. So all in all, I think shes not as bad she tries to paint herself.

Describe your mistress’s hands.

The Imp looked quizzically for a second.

Short nails, the opposite of mine. Long fingers, which are good for incantations. Always traces of blood and other such things under the fingernails, in our line of work completely cleaning up is impossible. I can smell it on her, that slightly metallic flavour of other creatures blood mixing with that wildflower perfume she insists on wearing. She tries to make me wear it too you know, says I smell of rotten eggs. Pffff, humans.

The demon looked indignant. Then a sudden noise from the next room had him cartwheeling in panic.

You need to go, if she finds you here she’ll banish me and probably set you on fire, shes not a morning person at the best of times and hungover…..

Nerves getting the better of him, he lapsed into demonic as he ushered the visitor from the room.

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