Of warlock trainers and fairytales

Having leveled a variety of characters, one thing that has always bugged me has been the disparity of training offered across the continents. Take priests for example, everyone loves a priest and thus you can walk into any of your faction’s capitials and find people willing to train you in the arts of light and shadow. Even Druids, those dubious types who spend more time frolicing around with fur on than doing anything useful, can increase their learning in 3 out of 4 capitials.

Then we come to Warlocks, ok I admit we aren’t most lawabiding citizens cup of tea, but neither are rogues. However when it comes to training, it seems that the Alliance of Kalimdor seem to suffer from the forlorn hope that if they pretend warlocks don’t exist, we will all vanish into the twisting nether. No trainers can be found within the leafy confines of Darnassus nor within the twisted metal of the Exodar. Ok, perhaps its a little understandable that demons make the Draenei a tad uncomfortable, I wouldnt necessarily want my wicked relatives showing up occasionally in a whiff of fire and brimstone either, but it wouldn’t hurt the Nightelves (much) to turn a blind eye to tiny encampment hidden away somewhere within their tree.

babagayaHowever, in the absence of warlock trainers within the Alliance settlements, remember that if questing in Kalimdor you don’t need to brave a sea journey in order to study. Ratchet, that truely dubious goblin town can along with several complelely seedy and no doubt warlock pleasing services offer you all the training you require.

Who wouldn’t want to train from this adorably evil looking gnome anyway? I think it would be worth traveling all the way from the Eastern Kingdoms just to have her impart her knowledge.

Shame they gave her a tower rather than a house with chicken legs though. When I was a little girl my favourite story was that of Baba Yaga, told to me by my mother, who in turn had learnt the story as a little girl from her grandfather. Thus as soon as I spotted this NPC, I was straight back to being a child again, curled up on my mother’s lap listening to her voice conjuring up the dark forest lit only by candles gleaming from within skulls. It may come as no surprise that I had nightmares involving being chased by a creepy little shack on chicken legs, I could hear them scratching at the dirt behind me as I ran but inspite of all that, I still loved being told that particular story at bedtime.

In short, remember if you are leveling a warlock in Kalimdor you can train in Ratchet.

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  1. well being a horde I dont find trying to find a trainer hard then again thats because I am lvl 80 now…but yes alliance do have it hard when it comes to finding trainers…u have to go all the way to either IF or SW which to me is a pain because in SW its all the way in the back….horde though have one in UC ORG and Silvermoon city..So its not that hard to get to one…I have a gnome warlock and its truly a pain it got to the point where ive left my hearth in main city for a while lol….

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