Visit Grom’s Grave – 101 things


Paying respect to your ancestors, especially when they fell in battle is always important. After all no one wants to feel that their sacrifice and death might be in vain. That years later their actions will be nothing more than a whispered tale told to small children over a campfire. So regardless of whether or not you play an Orc, or even the Horde, take the time to wander down to the Demon Fall Canyon and raise a bottle to a flawed but ultimately heroic Orc.

hellscream01Its also nice to see that the Orgrimmar Tourist Board bothered to make sure that the Monument inscription was readable to all races, even to those that can’t speak Orcish.

I would recommend coming either during the daylight hours or failing that, bringing plenty of friends, a campfire and large amounts of strong alcohol. Even during the day there is something cold and creepy about this demon inhabited canyon. Its easy to imagine glowing eyes staring from behind rocks and half dead trees or for your ears to catch a whisper that sends panic flooding through your body.

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