Dying is easy

I really hate achievements. Sure some of them seem perfectly innocent and fun, but don’t be fooled. They are all evil and soul destroying, the way to hell is paved with achievements. If you follow that path before you know it, some demon will be using your face as a bouncy castle.

We failed the Immortal tonight. Failed at the final fence no less. We approached each boss fight as if it was our last. Went over tactics in a way we haven’t done since the content was brand new. Made sure everyone knew exactly what they were doing. Told people who felt laggy to sit out more movement centric bosses like Heigen, Thaddius and Grobbulus. Attacked the Instructor first as mindcontrol has a tendency to go haywire when the chips are down. This time however it went perfectly, every taunt on time. Everyone danced like pros, Thaddius was easy, no adds on Noth or Gluth ate the healers. Everything that could go right, was going right. Then we came to Kel’thuzad.

Now the Lich is normally a cakewalk. When we screw up its usually on the easy stuff. People pulling aggro on stupid fights or not moving fast enough because they are too busy typing or chatting. But to make completely sure, everyone was given assignments. Healers to cover everything from the MT, the add tanks, cooldowns apportioned, warriors reminded to blow their fear, paladins to keep sacrifice on cooldown. Nothing left to chance, every scenario covered and people assigned actions to follow in the case of any disaster.

So we pull. There is the boring bit where a pile of pointless adds run around. Then Kel enters the fight, the tank grabs him so thats the first hurdle dealt with. I get the first detonite mana but manage to avoid blowing anyone up. The first set of iceblocks are outhealed. The first set of mindcontrols are dealt with in a timely and effective manner. Everything goes smoothly, his health is ticking down but we are all alive and kicking. 30 percent, the adds spawn, get grabbed straight away, still everyone is still breathing. 15 percent, still going good.

13 percent. Kel’Thuzad takes a break from beating up on the gnome tanking him to cast mindcontrol. Both he and his minion, a holy paladin decide to stop trying to make mincemeat out of the gnome and turn as one. In the split second before the tank can taunt, our enhancement shaman takes a rather large hit to the face and flops to the ground.

Which means, patch allowing I’m going to have to go through all that horrible stress all over again next week. See achievements are evil. Why oh why couldn’t Blizzard have fixed the mindcontrol wiping the threat table already….

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