Wooden Crosses

There are three wooden crosses on the right side of the highway,
Why there’s not four of them, Heaven only knows.
I guess it’s not what you take when you leave this world behind you,
It’s what you leave behind you when you go.

Most of the gnomeling’s relatives all live on the prairies of Alberta and when we spent a couple of months visiting them the radio stations on offer were all variations of country. By the time we left, we pretty much knew the words to every Randy Travis song going, this one included. So when I was riding around trying to level herbalism on Teasel and saw this, I immediately started singing to myself.


Can’t help wondering how many other scenes from around Azeroth suit songs, country or not.

Also who do these crosses belong to? Victims of the wildlife or perhaps the Orcs got them, nameless and forgotten, there are so many gravesites littering the landscape.

Yes, I realise they are just pixellated tombstones added in for extra effect, but for some reason right now, my mind is obsessed as T.S Eliot so eloquently put it with “the skull behind the skin”. Partly I think due to the fact that one of my Aunts was stricken with a nasty strain of meningitis recently, followed by the death of an ex-guildmate, then the deaths in fairly quick succession of neighbours of my parents and then 2 helicopter crashes in the north sea in as many months (my father works for an oil company and thus gets to fly in the same type of helicopter over the same waters four times a month).


But its not just ingame that these forlorn grave markers bother me. I snapped this photo on Halloween no less, whilst traveling from Xalapa to Puebla in Mexico. We were chatting away as normal and I was absentmindedly shooting out of the window, after all it was the fog and the shadows of the trees I wanted to capture. I didn’t even notice I had caught the grave in the photo until we uploaded the pictures to the laptop that night safely curled up in our hotelroom. It was a horribly twisty mountain road and in the halflight or the fog its easy to imagine this corner being the site of a fatal carcrash, there is something so sad about those trees sheltering that little grave.

Emo post is emo.


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  1. Thank you so much for your insight and creativity!

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