He is dead and gone, lady

He is dead and gone, lady,
He is dead and gone,
At his head a green-grass tuft;
At his heels a stone.

Feralas makes me think of Hamlet, I think because I always associate Millais’s Ophelia with it. All the water and the flowers makes it seem like the perfect location for a WoW version of the painting, if not the play. Its easy to imagine a drowned human female drifting downstream wearing an embroided white gown and carrying a posy of wildflowers.

Perhaps I’m a teeny bit biased though, I’ve always loved Feralas, I think because of the lush greenness of it all. Even on a PvP server the whole zone seems so relaxed. You can imagine camping in the hills or lounging by a river, showering in the waterfall. I’ve always leveled all my characters through Feralas and thought, mistakenly it seems that I had explored every possible nook. This morning, it turns out I was wrong.


The grave obviously belongs to a knight of some sort, the sword and helm all indicate that. Yet who brings fresh flowers to this unmarked stone? A lover perhaps, or a comrade who watched him die in battle.

grave01As you can see from the close up, the grave is freshly dug. The shovel still left in the earth.

I can’t help wondering if the hands that wielded the spade were the same as those that laid the flowers and more importantly, if the occupant died suddenly in battle… where did the tombstone come from?

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