Dual speccing, first the light

With the patch sneaking ever closer, I’ve been doing some thinking about dual specs, talents in general and of course glyphs.

First spec will naturally be holy. I’m thinking this as a talent build but there are a couple of things I’m not sure about. The primary one being Test of Faith. For 3 talent points you get a 12 percent increase to healing done to targets on or below 50 percent. At first glance it sounds great, 12 percent is fair chunk of extra healing. However, I have a couple of issues with the concept in PvE:

  • Exactly how much time does the average raid member spend below 50 percent health? Apart from on specific fights like Gluth in current content not much. Obviously that may change in the new instance, but again its likely to be a on boss by boss basis.
  • How much healing do you actually do to people below 50 percent health? Considering all your raid healers will be prioritising those on the lowest percentage.
  • Lag will surely play a part, when you finish a cast it may look as if the person is below 50 percent health, but server side they might not be.

I’m also mildly flirting with the idea of trying Lightwell again. I can’t help wondering if it would come in useful on some fights, especially if mana is tight. This may or may not be wishful thinking however.

As for glyphs, I’m thinking the following:

  • Flash Heal
  • Circle of Healing
  • Guardian Spirit: We tend to run with multiple holy priests, in fact entirely by accident we have more priests than any other class of healer, so this could make for lots of fun rotations if it goes live like this.

So thats the easy part done. Over the weekend, I’ll be discussing my thoughts on shadow and generally panicking about my lack of hit rating and the cost of runed scarlet rubies.


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