Outland Bound again


Back in Outlands on my warlock. It feels a bit weird, I mean everyone else is leveling death knights so at least we get to be unique snowflakes. Did some 51-60 and 61-70 AVs and literally it was 80 percent death knights, 12 percent ret paladins and the remaining 8 percent fielding one representative per remaining class. For some strange reason I find being bounced all over the place rather frustating, in fact if I ever got the person who conceptualised death grip alone….. hmm lets leave that train of thought right there.


When Teasel bravely entered the Dark Portal looking for career prospects and all that, I’m pretty sure she wasn’t expecting to have run around looking like this. In fact on the path to lv 64, I’ve had around 5 pairs of pants… and guess what, they all looked like those. Likewise, I’ve had multiple chests and not one of them has been a dress. Ah, well only another 4 levels and several hundred bloodelf deathknight corpses to wade through before shes in Northrend wearing terribly serious, muted green, gray and dark purple dresses. Maybe I’m just a little picky, but it annoys me on some basic level that all leveling gear looks the same. For casters in the Burning Crusade we have the mismatched slut look and in WotLK we have the governess look. I realise that in the priority list of developer and designer stuff, the look of loot that gets disgarded as soon as people hit the level cap is pretty low and sure I whine when there is months without new content… but if I wanted to be running around looking like a burlesque clown, I would be doing something entirely different with my free time.

More cheerfully, I’m loving the burst of my warlock. Nothing beats being able to chaos bolt for 2.5k annoying little twink mages who think they are safe in their shields, or nuking through pain suppression. My first warlock was destruction way back when demonology hardly qualified as a talent tree and I got addicted to setting things on fire back when PvP equalled Southshore/Tarren Mill (cue misty eyed rant about having to walk up mountains barefoot to farm soulshards to PvP  with). Whilst I accept its not the best leveling spec (I would have serious sustainability issues without a pet priest),  its certainly great fun for PvP.

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