Dual Speccing: then the shadows come (part 1)

I’ve spent most of the four years I’ve played a priest being holy, its the safe spec, the comfortable one. Its spec number two that has me cowering in the bushes hoping the nasty patch will just go away.

Given the nature of my guild (fairly small, but progression minded), my second spec has to be shadow but as it dawned on me recently what I know about raiding as shadow is rather pathetic. To make matters worst, we don’t have a raiding shadowpriest in the guild so I have to do my own research. Eeeeek.

So where to start. My first thought was Elitist Jerks, after all they know everything right? However whilst there was a wealth of information about shadow as it is now, PTR stuff seemed rather limited.

Spec: I’m thinking this. However there are so many variables I just don’t know the answer to and that scares me.

  • Do I need threat reduction? Come Ulduar and our tanks stacking effective health rather than threat will I be at risk of pulling aggro? If the answer to this is yes, then surely I need to find points for either shadow affinity orveiled shadows. I’m gambling on the answer being no.
  • Will mana be an issue? Should I be taking veiled shadows for the shadowfiend cooldown?

Also the majority of specs I looked at, all had two points in Improved Vampiric Embrace and I just don’t get why. Am I missing something obvious? I know I put 2 points in it myself in that build, but only because I can’t quite decide what I would rather take. The only possible reason I could come up with is for grinding, but since I never grind alone, its more likely I’ll be doing that as holy. Then there is the improved shadowform talents, are they really necessary for raiding? How often do you need to remove movement impairing effects in an instance? Not that often that I can think of.

Attempt number 2 looks more like this, with one point still spare whilst I try and figure out where I want to put it.


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