Another reason to hate achievements

So the other night we killed the Iron Council in Ulduar. For some unknown reason I didn’t get the kill achievement ticked off, but I did however get:


I ticketed a GM explaining the problem and asking to be awarded the kill so the achievement for clearing that particular area of the instance would display with the correct date. My response, after they scared the living daylights out of me by logging my character was this:


My boyfriend was out mining this morning whilst I was in bed and woke me up to the shocking news that my character was online. For a couple of horrific minutes I thought I had been hacked. Turns out it was just some Blizzard employee trying to discover if I was telling the truth.

Despite the fact that I got the achievement for the Stormcaller, despite the fact that I have one more token than I have boss kills… they can’t prove I was there. Makes you wonder exactly what they do log.

As for why it annoys me, I hate things being inaccurate. I have been to every one of our Ulduar first kills and I understandably wish my achievements to correctly reflect this.


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