Haunted Azeroth

I’ve always had a thing for ghost stories, the scarier the better. One christmas my uncle bought me a book entitled “Haunted Britain” that comprised of a series of black and white photographs of haunted buildings, castles mainly alongside a few lines of text describing the nature of the haunting.

So when I was riding around Arathi trying to level herbalism on my warlock, the first thing that came to mind I saw this, was that book.


There is something slightly chilling about this run down graveyard in the rain. I could easily imagine seeing a spectre slinking between the headstones or spotting a shadow resting against a wall where no shadow should fall.


2 Responses

  1. “Where No Shadow Should Fall” would be a good name for a ghost story.

    Or possibly a Metal album

  2. I really love the idea of Haunted Azeroth – I wish they would have a ghost or two pop out at random in spots like that!

    Also I feel sure I’ve read that book on Haunted Britain – I used to love digging that sort of thing up at the library and spending hours just looking at the photos. Never bothered me if they weren’t supposed to be “real” – it’s still fascinating stuff.

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